I worked at the Vancouver Sun for fourteen years, and right off I loved the work. It was fast, with deadlines hours away, and I got to draw. I worked on the night shift for a few years, the point being I had stories to illustrate and I could try things out. Apparently the day time editors didn't always appreciate a few or my more alternate steps; but they never told me, only grumbled among themselves.

Strange to say but I had love affair with ink. I would buy special nibs (the guillot 1290 and 1950) and look for stories to illustrate like it mattered. It could be that I was a pest to a few of my bosses.

The Vancouver Sun slowly become more corporate and design oriented. I like design and computer graphics, but not to split hairs, when illustration work was pretty much gone, then I was gone. I could have stayed, but my angels and demons just didn't have enough room to play.

In this section I've also included some graphic design and poster work, as well as some other newspaper work. Trying to keep the fun alive.

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Mac Ink