It's always good to invent, and no matter what the specific job we have, we're usually inventing. I've grouped some of the material, together which reflects my philosophy of working in the art department. Film likes generalists, people who can do many things. The specialists have taken over the world but not film and television. At least not yet.

Having said that, it's always nice if we're actually good at some of the things we take on. I'll let you be the judge. When I started this sort of work it occurred to me that I had to learn how to do every different sort of drawing. Drafting or working drawings where the early challenge. Now it's getting up to speed on 3D software (Some of the illustrations you see are painted over 3D wireframes).

No matter how I do the work it appears that I have a somewhat sketchy style. I like to work fairly fast and leave a piece after 'it gets the idea across'. Then I move on, and there is always something to move on to.

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Mac Ink