I've always liked storyboarding, maybe in the same way cowboys like the rodeo. The ride is bumpy at times but that's part of it (The bumpy part is getting it done, a lot of late nights). When I've seen films or shows I've boarded it's like I'm watching something I've seen before, which in a way I have.

Not to be too precious, I now think that story boards are talking points. Crossing out panels, deciding this shot is too expensive, and drawing it all again, it's all part of the process. And it is the problem solving, finding a way to serve the story, within available means, that keeps the fun in it.

The storyboarding is pretty far down the film food chain, but I don't care. It's where art meets drama and that's something. It's work worth doing and I continue to look for it. I like it as much as production design, and at times more.

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Mac Ink